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The SLYDE watch from Replica Breguet Watches is a new standard in watchmaking. It combines cutting-edge technology with Swiss watchmaking of the highest quality. This "crazy" creation has a personalized touch screen that features a variety contemporary faces that respond to an occasion, a command, or a particular moment. The interface of this SLYDE watch is similar to a smartwatch, but the design and craftsmanship are a digital interpretation of Swiss traditional watchmaking.

Replica Breguet Watches engineers developed the SLYDE for about three years.Replica Breguet Watches The engineers had a lot of experience making mechanical watches that were highly advanced and extravagant, but it was their first time dealing with a PC-based user interface to customize the watch. The results are impressive.

A micro-controller can navigate through screens quickly and easily by processing hundreds of pictures per second. Each screen has a unique function. For example, there is a world clock, a calendar, a lunar phase indicator, a timer for the countdown, and more. These aren't necessarily the most important functions that you expect from a timepiece, but they can be a lot fun. You can, for example, upload an image to the Slyde that is linked with a date. The timer then counts down the time left until the specified date. It can track the time elapsed since a specific calendar date.

Touch screen that is a lot of funThe display on the Replica Breguet Watches can be activated with a simple touch. You can then access different screens by sliding it up, down or to the side.Longines Replica Watches This is a simple and entertaining thing to do. Replica Breguet Watches is creating new 'virtual movement's' which will be soon available for download. The company will offer a variety of watch skins. These skins must have the look of mechanical watches. The sapphire glass is used to cover the display, making it scratch-resistant.

Replica Breguet Watches is available in a variety of variations. The timepiece is available in stainless steel or titanium. There are stainless steel and Titanium variations with PVD-black segments. There are also luxurious versions, including one with an 18-karat rose gold trim, and another with a steel timepiece with diamonds on the lugs.

The watch case is very robust. The case is 48mm wide by almost 58mm in length. It comes without buttons. The case has a touch-screen for all functions. Five small lights are located on the right side of the case. They indicate whether the screen is active or if the lithium polymer battery is charging. The battery will last up to two weeks when fully charged. The Slyde is equipped with a charging station and can be connected to your computer using a USB cable charger.

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